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Composer of the Month, October 2017: Robert Schumann

Sunday, October 1, 2017 by Sarah Folkerts | Composer of the Month

Robert Schumann's father was an author and book dealer in Zwickau, the German town where Schumann was born in 1810. Robert grew up with books all around him, so he fell in love with books and writing.  Robert also fell in love with music.  As a kid, he took piano, flute and cello lessons, and also started composing.

As a teenager, Schumann took piano lessons with a teacher named Friedrich Wieck, whose star pupil was his daughter Clara.  Robert Schumann and Clara Wieck fell in love. Clara’s father absolutely refused to let them get married. It took years -- and a court battle with Clara's father -- before Robert and Clara Schumann could finally get married. 

Until 1839, Schumann only composed music for the piano. The whole year following his wedding, though, he was so in love that he suddenly couldn't stop writing lots of songs (that is, music for singers.) Some of these songs are among the greatest songs ever written. It became known as Schumann's "Year of Songs."

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